Solufleece Water Soluble Fabric - 50cm wide x 5m **(5 Metres)** - E7IKPLBYO

Solufleece Water Soluble Fabric - 50cm wide x 5m **(5 Metres)** - E7IKPLBYO
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  • Water Soluble Fabric (like a fine muslin) x 5m in 1 (one) piece

  • Use as a stabiliser as well as a topper

  • 50cm wide x 5m in length Instrcutions included

  • This product is Vilene Solufleece

  • Aquasol is a new generation soluble product that offers all the benefits of the original water-soluble film but with added strength, eliminating the frustrating tears and holes that often appear in the finer film. Both hand and machine needle workers can use Aquasol and we recommend when using a machine both a darning foot and hoop be used. The design you wish to create can be traced or drawn directly onto the fabric using a magic pen. Aquasol is great when embroidering a heavy pile fabric like velvet or fleece. Simply place two layers over the fabric and embroider. After dissolving, the stitches lie on top of the pile and do not get 'lost' within the pile resulting in cleaner, denser embroidery. Aquasol can also be used as a backing fabric to stabilise fabrics whilst embroidering. It is important to have a backing fabric to ensure smooth movement of the frame across the base plate of the machine. In addition to providing stability the use of a stabiliser helps reduce puckering. Puckering is normally associated with incorrect thread tension but use of a backing fabric can be a great help in alleviating the problem. To remove Aquasol from the embroidered piece either immerse in water as below, or trim off the excess and spray lightly with cool water and tear away. To dissolve completely immerse in cool water and agitate if possible. Alternatively hold under a slow running cold tap. Dissolve time depends on the amount of soluble material used and the density of the embroidery. When dissolving completely it is very important that all the stitches are well joined otherwise the piece may fall to bits! So embroider in as many directions as possible. Place on newspaper to drip and then move to a safe warm place to hasten the drying process. The applications featured are not intended to limit the imagination or put any restrictions on the way they are used. Do experiment to get a feel of how the fabric will work for you and always test a small section first!

    Solufleece Water Soluble Fabric - 50cm wide x 5m **(5 Metres)** - E7IKPLBYO

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